Speech Therapy


One of the basics!

Speech therapy deals with the following disorders:

• Communication (verbal or non-verbal)
• Speech (spoken or written)
• Speech (articulation and flow)
• Voice
• Chewing – ingestion in children and adults

The therapist is responsible for the evaluation, diagnosis and rehabilitation of these disorders.
The child’s evaluation includes among other things:

  • Evaluation of joint-and phonological skills and weaknesses
  • Check the reading efficiency (Phonological awareness test)
  • Vocabulary Check
  • Grammatical structures check and information proficiency
  • Language skills evaluation of people with difficulties in communication and language development
  • Language skills evaluation for individuals who face difficulties in communication and verbal development.

MFT (Myo Facial Treatment)

  • Padovan Method
  • SI.MA.TA. method (Signs Make Talk)
  • Phoneme Touch and Say Method
  • PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)
  • FBA (Functional Behavioural Analysis)
  • ABA (applied Behavioural Analysis), Intensive Interaction
  • Floortime method
  • SSIP (Social Skills Intervention Programme)
  • Social Stories and Comic Strip

Like in any other case, before any treatment or intervention takes place, parents are thoroughly informed and common treatment goals are proposed.


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