Special Education

Special Education Program

The special educator continues the work of the occupational therapist and speech therapist aiming to help the child with his reading and writing skills while working in parallel with the psychologist, to enhance the self-esteem at all levels. In collaboration with other therapists of the multidisciplinary team or in some cases by himself, he is working to identify difficulties in reading and writing and create a treatment plan with the best possible result.
In any case there must be an evaluation first. Following the evaluation, the special educator will discern the strengths and weaknesses of the child which will be used to create an individualized treatment plan for each child. Before any treatment or intervention, parents will be informed in detail and common therapeutic targets will be decided.
The educator creates specific therapeutic program in two key areas:
• Reading – reading comprehension (organization and study management)
• Writing (errors’ identification and improve oneself)

Through the special educational program the child learns how to:
• Read a text and identify important information and rejects unimportant
• Read a text more quickly and with fewer errors
• To better manage home study time
• To better cope with the demands of school with less stress (courses and socializing)
• To write more (children with dyslexia avoid writing long texts – feel aversion towards writing)
• All kinds of writing (narrative, description, argument)
• Strengthens the child’s confidence as to the written exam



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