Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

The occupational therapist is responsible for the sensorimotor development and executive function of the child.

Through a special treatment program, the child acquires the necessary contact and relationship with its own body so he can play with other children of same age, solve everyday problems, overcome difficulties and eventually do what any other child of the same age can do. The goal is to give the child the tools to be able to understand the conditions in which it is found each time and adjust its behavior depending on the environment, the necessary requirements, the work that needs to be carried out, the game the child wants to play and its own needs.

The occupational therapist works simultaneously with the speech therapist while he consults and is consulted by the Special Educator for the set-up of each session as well as the child’s needs on the academic and executive area. The occupation therapist will also be consulting the child psychologist to determine the way to raise  the internal motivation during the session and also the way he will handle child if there is a self-esteem issue.

The execution of the treatment plan is implemented exclusively in a group framework. Only in special cases we work in individual programs



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