My child is three years old and does not speak. Why;

When is it normal for a child to speak? It is one of the most common questions parents ask the experts. Indeed, if the child is three years old and has not spoken, the concern of parents grows even more. According to studies done in the general population, they showed that 4% of children in this age are delayed, while boys find it more difficult than girls to talk. There are reasons why the child has not spoken up to this age. For example the oral muscles may not yet be ready and so the child has difficulty pronouncing each phoneme. Perhaps the environment is problematic and the child has been blocked. When we say problematic, it could mean moving to another are, a new brother came to the family but also a sudden bereavement. There are of course some clues, which you notice your child should immediately contact a specialist. Who are they;

•   When the child communicates only with signs

  • Spells or just saying words like mom and dad
  • The speech is not clearly understood by those around him
  • When you say something, for example “bring your toys, the child not follow instructions
  • When the child is unable to combine words
  • When not answering “yes – no” type questions
  • Does the child does not recognize the basic colors like blue, red, green



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