He suddenly started “wetting” his bed. What is going on?

Many parents are faced with a difficult reality: their child “wets” his bed at night. What you need to know about the nightly bedwetting is that a child’s ability to control itself is definitively mastered and becomes automatic, around three to four years of age. This path depends on the neurological maturity of the child, but also of the messages he gets from his environment. Bedwetting becomes a problem when it’s still there after the child becomes five years old and with a frequency of at least twice a month, while for older children once a month. Nocturnal enuresis is classified as the most common and chronic problem of children and their parents. It is a symptom that concerns 10-15% of children with a clear predominance of boys (2: 1) compared with girls. The treatment of enuresis directed: The retraining of the child on the cleanliness or the toilet, which might previously have been too early or pressing, etc. You should also work on improving the child’s relationship with the family. In some cases, the medication works well, but before the age of 6 years this method is not preferred.


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