He is a smart child, but does do well at school. Why?

“He has potential, but he is not trying hard enough at home” the teacher told you. You already know that because you constantly fight with your child about studying at home.  and of course he is clever and has potential –he needed half the time you did to learn how the decoder of the TV or the new tablet works. Often, children refuse to adequately study their homework despite persistent admonitions / requests / punishments / pressures of parents and teachers. Before you rush to blaim laziness and irresponsibility, it is advisable to consider the case of ADD. Children with Attention Deficit Disorder find it difficult to incorporate into a specific activity as they are easily distracted by various external stimuli. Characteristic symptoms of the disorder are: it is difficult to complete an activity, the constant willingness to change topic / activity, the sense that they do not hear the interlocutor, the hastily given, wrong answers but other types of habits such as frequently forget their stuff. A child with ADD has difficulties to focus on the stimulus, to process and to keep his mind focused and alert.

How you can help: Try to promote the well-organized, concentrated reading. Set a specific time and study space and limit all disruptive stimuli (television, playing brothers etc.). Pace yourself with patience and help the child to make a studying plan. Experts recommend checking the child’s progress – let them alone to study, not to correct mistakes or to constantly stand at their side, but do a little “inspection” every now and then. If your efforts do not yield, consult a specialist. A special individualized education program or occupational therapy will certainly be able to provide the solution that you are unable to offer.


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