He is a bit clumsy and does not easily concentrate. What is going on?

Children who have a difficulty in coarse and fine movement without having any neurological or mental problem, at times have been described as “clumsy” or “awkward”. Nowadays all these children diagnostically belong to a developmental coordination disorder group (Developmental Coordination Disorder). It is observed in 6% and most often affects boys and children who are born prematurely. Several of them cease to be clumsy when growing, but they still show learning disabilities and others show self-confidence and social engagement problems. If the child continues to be intensively energetic and “careless” and this creates difficulties in different areas of its life, a very probable diagnosis is attention deficit disorder – hyperactivity. “My son is constantly staring” “he constantly tosses and turns on his chair, loses his pencil all the time and cannot concentrate in studying” “he is annoying and wants our attention all the time” “it takes us three hours to finish homework that would normally take only 10 minutes “” he is not listening to me “” he is smart but bored”.

All children, especially preschoolers, often tend to be unable to control their impulses or restrict their mobility. In part, this is considered justified. However, if the intense energy and “carelessness” continues to exist in subsequent development stages, creating difficulties in different areas of the child’s life, ADHD is a very possible diagnosis.

What do you think a child with ADHD would like to say?

  • I can concentrate at all and it’s difficult to listen to a command
  • Everything is mixed up in my head and I feel like there is too much information at the same time.
  • I cannot control my thoughts and I tend to jump from one topic to another
  • I get easily tired and I think I will not succeed in anything
  • When you yell or argue with me, it disorients me and makes me incredibly angry
  • I feel that nobody loves or wants me
  • When you threaten me, I feel that I have to tell more lies, because I fear the punishment
  • Do not ever compare me with my classmates! I’m not a “bad boy.” I am unique!
  • Do not do everything I ask for. I’m asking for a lot, because I am testing you. I need a program, organization and limits
  • I want you to love me and be proud of me

The proportion of children who appear to have ADD – H  is about 3 –  5% of the general population, 80% of whom are boys. According to surveys in 50-70% of children diagnosed with ADD – H still have problems in adolescence. Therefore, immediate action is necessary, that is exclusively designed for the child individually and emphasizes on the strengthening of self-esteem


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